Filipino Foods on All Saints Day

All Saints Day is celebrated on November 1st to commemorate the memories of our departed loved ones and this is a traditional Catholic holiday. But did you know that there are some regions in the Philippines that don’t celebrate the exact date on November 1 but rather they celebrate it on November 2 ? Angono Rizal celebrates All Saint’s day on November 2. I don’t exactly know what other regions in the Philippines that celebrates this holiday on November 2 but if you have any info you can share it to me by commenting below.


All Saints Day More Fun in the Philippines

And with regards to Filipino foods eaten on All Saint’s day, I guess there are also differences and not every one brings kakanin or other native delicacies when visiting their departed love ones on the cemetery. And it depends if you are going to stay all day or just a few hours. In that case you can just bring snacks or merienda like biko, suman, cuchinta or other kakanin. Most Filipinos when visiting their love ones are like having a picnic in the cemetery and I use to do that until now. If you are going to stay from morning until evening, here are the Filipino foods that I think is suitable to bring. Of course you should bring plenty of rice for your lunch and dinner.


Here are the kinds of Filipino food and viand that you can bring:


    Spaghetti – one of the most practical food to bring which can serve as snacks or main course. Kids and adults will never say no to spaghetti. But just be careful to use serving spoon and cover the container because it spoils easily.


Meaty Filipino Spaghetti


    Chicken adobo – one of the easiest to cook viand that can be brought to picnics or when visiting your departed love ones. And this dish doesn’t spoil easily so it’s practical to bring it specially if you are planning to stay overnight.


Chicken Adobo Rice Vinegar


Chicken Adobo Pineapple


    Bringhe – this can be a practical food to bring so you don’t need to bring other viands (or ulam) because there are already chicken meat with the rice.




    Menudo – this viand is a perfect combination with rice. Looks complete with meat and vegetables and can also be eaten with bread.




    Beef Mechado – Another tasty viand to bring if you like to eat beef instead of pork.


Beef Mechado


    Pork Barbecue – great for viand or if there is a drinking spree can be eaten as pulutan. Kids and teenagars also love pork barbecue on bamboo skewers.


Pork Barbecue



    Lechon Manok – if you don’t have patience and time cooking lechon manok, you can buy it since there are already many food stalls that sells roasted chicken.


Lechon Manok


    Pinaputok na tilapia – Fish seems impractical to bring because often it’s not very comfortable eating in the cemetery.  But pinaputok na tilapia can be an exception because tilapia does not have strong fishy smell and since it is fried wrapped in banana leaves, the leaves serves as a deodorizer and the fish is fragrant.


Ready to Serve Pinaputok na Tilapia