About This Site

In the Philippines, only pork, chicken and beef, are commercially available in almost all areas. As such, meat and poultry dishes generally use one of these ingredients. In the provinces, goat, deer, carabao and some other more exotic meats are also used as alternates.

The by-products of pork, chicken and beef are also utilized in our cooking. When an animal is slaughtered, almost nothing is thrown away. Our frugal ways have resulted in delicious dishes that make use of the tongue,blood, intestines, liver, lungs, tail and other offal.

Most Filipino meat dishes are made to complement plain, white rice. The viand must be tasty so that even a small amount is enough to flavor a spoonful of rice. To go a long way, meats are usually highly seasoned and often saucy. Meats that are fried or grilled over charcoal are invariably eaten with an assortment of dipping sauces.

And about this site, it is your online resource of all kinds of meat based Filipino dish recipes. Whether main course or appetizers , chicken, pork or beef you will find many recipes. Please visit this blog often and bookmark, like my facebook fanpage, follow me on twitter, subscribe to my feedburner for my latest update and watch us on Youtube. Thanks for visiting.

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