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Inihaw na Pusit with Cheese

This grilled squid recipe here is stuffed with cheese mixture. The cheese mixture consist of tomatoes, onions, bread crumbs, green onion, cottage cheese and Parmesan cheese. When cleaning the squid, as much as possible don’t remove the head, but sometimes it is unavoidable so you just have to attach it again with the toothpick. You […]

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Spicy Tinapa Jackfruit Salad

This is a very interesting salad dish of cooked unripe jackfruit. Usually unripe jackfruit is used in most Filipino cooking and not as salad. If you have seen or tasted a dish called ginataang langka,  I think you will say that this recipe I have here is a salad version. Maybe you can also use a […]

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Cheesy Chicken Caldereta with Pickles

This chicken calderata is a cheesier version of the usual chicken calderata. Not only does is taste cheesier but the addition of pickles makes this dish tastier with a little sweet sour taste that you will truly love. The vegetables like potatoes and carrots are optional if you are not fond of eating them. Besides, […]

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How to Brine Pork, Chicken or Beef

The best cooks knows this instinctively: return the natural elements of the ingredients and you will find that you have the best tasting dishes. This knowledge is true for brine. Brining is steeping meat in brine to make it more flavorful, juicy, moist and plump. This can be done in any kind of meat whether is […]

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Fried Lumpia with Pork Asado Filling

This fried lumpia recipe I have here is quite unique because it has a pork asado filling. If you are craving for a pork asado siopao and fried lumpia, why not combine them and make a fried lumpia with asado filling? Not only it as a unique filling, it is also coated with sesame seeds […]

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