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  • Chicken Tonkatsu

    Chicken Tonkatsu

    Chicken tonkatsu is a variation of the famous pork tonkatsu, a Japanese dish consisting of breaded meat (e.g. pork or chicken) using Japanese or Panko bread..

  • Pork Chao Fan

    Pork Chao Fan

    Are you craving on pork chao fan in Chowking but you are inspired enough to cook it yourself? I think this pork chao fan recipe..

  • Tuna Salpicao

    Tuna Salpicao

    This version of salpicao is I think the healthiest version of salpicao because the meat used is cooking this dish is tuna steak which is..

  • Beef Bulalo Mami

    Beef Bulalo Mami

    Beef bulalo mami is a variant of the famous beef mami. The difference is that beef bulalo mami uses beef shank with bone marrow in..