Lapu-Lapu Carpaccio

This lapu-lapu carpaccio is our own version of the famous Italian carpaccio made from thinly sliced raw meat or fish and served as an appetizer. It is also very similar to the popular Japanese sashimi made from sliced raw fish or meat. This lapu-lapu carpaccio also comes with mango cream sauce.



lapu-lapu fillet
chopped fresh dill leaves
4 Tbsp sugar
salt and pepper


How to make Lapu-Lapu Carpaccio

  • Slice the lapu-lapu fillet slanted for about 1/8 inch thick.
  • Arrange fillet of lapu-lapu in a food pan then sprinkle with sugar, salt and pepper.
  • Cover whole fillet with chopped dill leaves.


Mango Cream Sauce:

ripe mango
lemon juice
salt and pepper

  • Blend all ingredients in an osterizer until smooth.
  • Pour over Lapu-lapu Carpaccio.


Lapu- lapu Carpaccio