Calderetang Tahong (Mussels)


3/4 kilo tahong, boiled and shells removed (reserve 1/2 cup broth)
150 gms potatoes, cut into chunks
1 pouch (200g) Del Monte Classic Mechado-Caldereta Recipe Sauce
1/2 cup cooked or frozen green peas
2 small bell peppers, cut into strips
Iodized salt


How to cook Calderetang Tahong

  • Simmer potatoes in tahong broth for 5 minutes or until tender.
  • Add tahong meat, 1/3 teaspoon iodized salt or 1 teaspoon rock salt and Del Monte Classic Recipe Sauce.
  • Simmer for 10 minutes. Add green peas and bell pepper. Allow to simmer.


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