Adobong Hito (Stewed Catfish)


3 medium sized hito (catfish)
1 small head garlic, crushed
1/4 cup yellow ginger juice
3/4 cup native vinegar
1/2 cup pork lard
Salt and Pepper

How to cook Adobong Hito

  • In the market, have the head and gills of the fish removed.
  • Also remove the internal organs of the fish and wash it well.
  • Let stand in vinegar for 30 minutes, drain and rub with coarse salt till slimy coating is removed.
  • Rinse in vinegar again then wash fish in water.
  • In a bowl marinate the fish in garlic, ginger juice and enough vinegar to cover.
  • Let stand for an hour. Drain and reserve marinade.
  • Heat pork lard and fry fish until crisp. Remove fish from pan and put out excess lard.
  • Pour in the marinade and bring to a boil, simmer uncovered till the vinegar evaporates.
  • Add hito and continue cooking till oil is clear.

Adobong Hito

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