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  • Camaron Rebosado

    Camaron Rebosado

    Camaron rebosado or simply known as battered fried shrimps is a tasty appetizer or viand. This shrimp dish is a Filipino version of tempura which..

  • Chicken Corn Casserole

    Chicken Corn Casserole

    A nice chicken with corn casserole that does not require baking. Ingredients are simple and easy to find and economical. Great for any occasions specially..

  • Holiday Pork Steak

    Holiday Pork Steak

    Transform your ordinary pork chops into an elegant dish for this coming Christmas or New Years celebration! This pork chop dish consist of wrapped pork..

  • Chicken Paella

    Chicken Paella

    Looking for a paella recipe that is easy on the budget? Why not try this chicken paella? this paella dish consists of chicken breast, shrimps..