Butterflied Catfish

A non-traditional way of cooking catfish. Frying catfish fillet and served with mustard vinaigrette with a mixture of shrimp paste, calamansi juice, vinegar, mustard leaves seasoned with sugar, salt and pepper.


1 piece catfish, fillet
For the mustard vinaigrette ingredients:
1 Tbsp bagoong or shrimp paste
calamansi juice (about 3 pcs kalamansi)
1/2 vinegar
chopped mustard leaves
1 tbsp sugar
salt and pepper


How to cook Butterflied Catfish:

  • Season catfish fillet with salt and pepper. Sprinkle a little cornstarch.
  • Deep fry the catfish fillet. When brown, remove from pan.
  • Serve with mustard vinaigrette.

How to make Mustard Vinaigrette:

  • Mix calamansi, vinegar, sugar, pepper and salt.
  • Pour mixture on chopped mustard.
  • Place bagoong on top. Serve.


Butterflied Catfish