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  • Pork Igado

    Pork Igado

    Igado is one of the popular Ilokano dish that consists of pork meat and pork innards like liver, heart and kidneys. In my opinion it..

  • Lechon Paksiw

    Lechon Paksiw

    Left over lechon can be turned into another delicious dish. So try this lechon paksiw recipe if you have some left over lechon in your..

  • Filipino Tamales

    Filipino Tamales

    Tamales, originally is a Mexican delicacy made from corn masa (a finely ground corn flour made into a dough) with chicken, pork or beef wrap in..

  • Kikiam


    This kikiam is made from minced pork fat and chopped shrimps. This is different from the ones sold by fishball vendors that consist only mostly..

  • Chicken Ham

    Chicken Ham

    An alternative ham to pork ham if you want to make a healthy kind of ham. Since you are using chicken breast, there is no..