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Hototay Soup
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How to Make Hototay Soup

Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time42 mins
Total Time47 mins
Course: Soup Recipe
Cuisine: Filipino
Servings: 6 servings
Author: Manny


  • 1/4 kilo pork sliced thinly
  • 1/4  kilo boiled chicken breast shredded
  • 1/8  kilo pig liver sliced thinly
  • 6 cups chicken stock or chicken broth
  • 2 cups Chinese cabbage or pechay Baguio chopped
  • 1 cup Shitake mushrooms or woodear fungus chopped
  • 1 cup carrots sliced
  • 1/4 cup green onion  chopped finely
  • 1 red onion chopped
  • 2 tsp  garlic minced
  • 4 pieces raw eggs
  • 2 tsp. salt
  • 1 tsp. ground black pepper
  • 2 Tbsp.  cooking oil


    How to cook Hototay Soup:

    • In a medium size pot or wok, heat oil and saute garlic until fragrant.
    • Next, add the onions and saute until soft.
    • Then add the pork and saute for about 6 to 7 minutes until slightly brown.
    • Add the pork liver and mix for a few seconds then pour a cup of water.
    • Cover and simmer for a few minutes until the water is reduced to half a cup.
    • Then add the shredded chicken, carrots and mushrooms.
    • Mix the ingredients then add salt and pepper to taste.
    • Pour the chicken stock. Bring to a boil and simmer for about 3 minutes.
    • Then add the pechay Baguio, stir and simmer for 1 to 2 minutes.
    • When cooked, transfer to individual bowls depending on how many people you are going to serve.
    • Get some eggs and crack each egg in a small bowl before pouring it on the hototay soup.
    • Don't crack the egg directly on the soup to avoid wasting it in case the eggs are bad.
    • Garnish with spring onions and serve hot.