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Pork Sisig Recipe

pork sisig recipe

One of the most favorite Filipino recipe is the pork sisig recipe made from chopped grilled pork’s head. Since this dish is so popular, it is served in most Filipino restaurants, fastfoods and foodcarts. It is also a popular pulutan, paired with beer for those who love social drinking.

Pork and Beef Adobo with Beef liver

Beef Pork and Liver Adobo

If you are confused which meat you would like to cook for adobo, then why not combine them? This recipe is a combination of pork and beef plus beef liver to enhance the flavor.

Pancit Canton

Pancit Canton

Pancit canton or pansit canton is one of the Chinese cuisine that Filipinos adopted. Like the pancit bihon which also have it’s origin from the Chinese traders long ago, this pancit or stir fried noodles are almost the same on how they are cooked with the addition of meat and vegetables but the only difference […]

Beef Kalderata with Beer

Beef Caldereta with Beer

Beef Kaldereta is braised beef in tomato sauce, potatoes, sweet peas and bell pepper which distinguishes this dish from beef mechado which is a similar dish but with only beef, potatoes and carrots as the main ingredients. And this is not the usual kaldereta that you used to love because this version of kaldereta recipe […]

Smoked Pork Hamonado in Pineapple

Smoked Pork Hamonado

There are many versions of pork hamonado and the only ingredient that is the same to all of them is the pineapple juice. This recipe was an improved version by smoking the meat first and adding a little brandy. This is perfect for the holidays and other special occasions.