Shellfish Recipes

If you are in search for different kinds of mussels & clams recipes, you can find them here. But if you have a recipe of mussels & clams dishes, you are very welcome to contribute it here!

Deep Fried Squid Rings (Calamares Fritos) – I think this is the best fried squid rings recipe I found. Try this one and you will surely love the calamares fritos.

Clam Hash Cakes – a unique way of making hash brown, hash cakes made out of potatoes and clam meat.

Tahong (Mussels) With Young Corn And Malunggay – cooked mussels with shredded young corn and malunggay leaves.

Spiced Pickled Oysters – pickled shelled oysters spiced with pepper and onion.

Talaba Guisado – cooked shelled oysters sauted with garlic, onions and tomatoes.

Squid Adobo with Olive Oil ( Adobong Pusit ) – stewed squid in it’s ink sacs with olive oil.

Calderetang Tahong – mussels cooked in calderata recipe sauce.

Fresh Mussel with Cream and Parsley – mussels cooked in fresh cream.

Stuffed Tahong ( Mussels ) – mussels baked with butter mixture with onion garlic,parsley.

Baked Oysters – oysters baked with butter mixture, cheese,garlic, pepper.

Escargot ( snails or kuhol ) – river snails cooked in coconut milk with spices like garlic,ginger,turmeric,chilis.

Calamares Castellana – grilled squid with castellana sauce.

Fried Calamares – fried squid rings coated with flour and eggs.

Gabi (Taro Root) With Snails – snails cooked in coconut milk with taro root or gabi,shrimp paste.

Oysters With Garlic Herb Butter – baked oysters with butter,parsley,parmesan cheese,garlic,paprika.

Paellitos Negritos (with picture) – a unique way of cooking paella, using squid instead of chicken!

Sizzling Pusit (Squid) (with picture) – grilled squid served in sizzling plate.

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