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Labahita, Lapu-lapu, Talakitok, Pampano Recipes (Saltwater Fishes)

If you are in search for different kinds of Labahita, Lapu-lapu, Talakitok, Pampano recipes, you can find them here. But if you have a recipe of Labahita, Lapu-lapu, Talakitok, Pampano dishes, you are very welcome to contribute it here!

Sweet and Sour Fishballs – fried fish balls made from flaked fish with home made sweet and sour sauce.

Tuna Vegetable Salad – canned tuna combined with vegetables.

Royal Apahap Au Gratin (Sea Bass Au Gratin) - baked sea bass or grouper in home made tomato sauce and dressed with mayonnaise.

Shitake Stuffed Fish Fillets – fish rolls made from sole fillets stuffed with shitake and black bean sauce.

Poached Fish (Labahita or Sturgeon Fish) - white flesh fish like sole and sturgeon fish (labahita) are best for poaching. Slice the fish into 1/2 inch thick fillets and poach them in single strips or pairs without crowding the pan.

Spicy Tuyo In Olive Oil - an appetizing Filipino fish delicacy. Dried herrings soaked in oilive oil with spices.

Tamales Nga Ipon or Dulong - This recipe is from Ilocos region I, a tamales made from dulong or a small fish found mostly in the northen part of the Philippines.

Dilis Sinuwaan – This is a dish from Bicol Region V. anchovies cooked in coconut milk and taro leaves.

Salmon Head Sinigang - another fish version of sinigang using salmon head.

Tuna Fish Sisig - an fish version of the favorite Filipino sisig dish. try it and you’ll love it!

Labahita Fillet Creole - breaded baked fish fillet with tomatoes and spices.

Sinaing na Tulingan - small tuna boiled in tamarind juice with pork fat.

Tamales na Dulong - fresh dulong wrap in banana leaves then boiled.

Dilis Potato Croquettes - potato croquettes with anchovies.

Crab Stuffed Fish Fillet – sumptuous fish fillet stuffed with crab meat filling.

Lapu-lapu Carpacciolapu-lapu fillet with mango cream sauce.

Steamed Lapu-lapu with Mayonnaisesteamed lapu-lapu with mayonnaise.

Fish Kare-kare - kare-kare using fish fillet ( labahita ) instead of meat.

Grilled Pampanogrilled pampano fillet topped with Filipino salad and green mango salsa.

Zesty Fish Kilawin (with picture)fresh tuna ( or labahita,tanigue or bangus ) pickled in vinegar & spices.

Paksiw na Salmon (with picture) - using salmon as paksiw is something unique specially if there is no bangus available.

Seafood Kebab (with picture) - skewed marinated tuna chunks, prawns, tomatoes and onions then grilled.

Sinigang na Maya-Maya (Red Snapper In Sour Broth ) - red snapper (maya-maya) cooked in sour broth made from tamarind, tomatoes, onions, green mango strips,radish and kangkong.

Salmon On Dalandan Butter Sauce - lightly fried salmon fillet poured with dalandan butter sauce.

Escabecheng Maya-Maya (with picture) – A delightfully tasty fish dish. Fried maya-maya fish poured with sweet and sour sauce.

Daing na Labahita Con Salsa (with picture) - if you’re “daing” for something delicious, try this!

Labahita Pineapple Curry (with picture) -Just combine fish,pineapple and curry and you’ve got a scrumptious dish that will win you praises every time you serve it!

Ginataang Galunggong ( Scad Fish in Coconut Milk ) - Scad fish cooked in vinegar and coconut milk.

Ginataang Pinangat sa Kamias ( Scad Fish in Ginger Lily ) - Scad fish cooked in ginger lily or kamias.

Kinilaw na Dilis Recipe ( Anchovies in Lime Juice ) - raw anchovies pickled in lime juice with ginger.

Ginataang Dilis ( Anchovies in Coconut Milk ) - Anchovies cooked in coconut milk and spices.

Sinigang na Panga ng Tuna ( Tuna Jaw in Sour Broth ) - tuna jaw cooked in sour broth made from tamarind, tomatoes, onions, string beans ,radish and kangkong.

Baked Pangat or Pinangat - Baked fish fillet with onions and tomatoes, kamias and spices. Just like pinangat.

Steamed Pampano - steamed pampano with vegetables and spices wrap in banana leaves.

Tuna Stuffed Peppers – baked stuffed peppers with tuna mixture.


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