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These Filipino fish and shellfish recipes was included in this site aside from other meaty recipes like pork, beef and poultry. The recipes are very easy to prepare. Before, this category was a separate site but I decided to integrate it in Panlasang Pinoy and delete it. You can find salt and fresh water fish recipes here like bangus(milk fish), tilapia, tuna, palos ( fresh water eels),lapu-lapu and shelfish recipes like squid, suso(golden snails), crab, mussels, shrimp, prawns. So what are you waiting for? come fish the right recipe for you!

Marine & Fresh Water Fish Recipes: ( Main Dish )

  1. Bangus Recipes- listings of different kinds of milkfish or bangus recipes.
  2. Tilapia Recipes- listings of different kinds of tilapia recipes.
  3. Hito (Catfish) & Kasili (Fresh water eel) Recipes - listings of catfish and fresh water eel recipes.
  4. Labahita, Lapu-lapu, Talakitok, Pampano Recipes (saltwater fishes) - listings of salt water fish recipes.

Marine & Fresh Water Shellfish Recipes: ( Main Dish )

  1. Crab Recipes - listings of different kinds of crab (alimango or alimasag) recipes.
  2. Shellfish Recipes - listings of different kinds of mussels, clams, oysters, squid,snails (tahong, halaan, talaba,pusit or calamares) recipes.
  3. Prawn & Shrimp Recipes - listings of different kinds of prawn or shrimp (sugpo or hipon) recipes.

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