Crab Recipes

If you are in search for different kinds of crab recipes, you can find them here. But if you have a recipe of crab dishes, you are very welcome to contribute it here!

Seafood Crepes ala Magic Pan – seafood crepe using crab meat and shrimps and lumpia wrapper.

Crab Meat in Ramekins – a delicious rich version of stuffed blue crabs with addiiton of milk and then baked.

Butong With Crabs(Crabs with Coconut Water and Meat) – this authentic crab recipe is from Central Visayas Region VII. Crabs are cooked with coconut water and coconut meat and added with spices.

Crab Meat With Cauliflowers – this recipe is from Southern Tagalog Region IV. Crab meat cooked with cauliflowers and cabbage.

Talangka Soup Recipe – talangka soup made from tomatoes, onion,kamias and miki noodles.

Stuffed Crab in Coconut Milk – stuffed blue crabs with pork and coconut meat and stewed in coconut milk.

Rellenong Alimango (Stuffed Mud Crabs) – stuffed mud crabs with crab meat with eggs, vegetables and spices.

Rellenong Alimasag (Stuffed Blue Crab) – stuffed blue crabs with crab meat with eggs and spices.

Crabs With Guava Sauce – crabs cooked in ripe guava sauce.

Alimasag at Langka sa Gata – crabs cooked in coconut milk with flaked jackfruit meat.

Crabs with Buko – crabs cooked in young coconut water with coconut meat.

Chili Crabs (with picture) – crabs with red chili peppers, oyster sauce, cooked ala Singapore style.

Crispy Crablets – crablets coated with flour,seasoned with black pepper,salt, rum and deep fried.

Ginataang Talangka (Asian Shore Crabs in Coconut Milk) – Asian shore crabs cooked in coconut milk and taro leaves.

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