Hito (Catfish) & Kasili (Fresh water eel) Recipes

If you are in search for different kinds of Hito (Catfish) & Kasili (Fresh water eel) recipes, you can find them here. But if you have a recipe of Hito (Catfish) & Kasili (Fresh water eel) dishes, you are very welcome to contribute it here!

Kanduli Adobo Recipe – how to cook kanduli adobo in coconut milk.

Eels Ticino – baked eels with white wine, coated with egg and bread crumbs then fried in butter.

Mud Fish Fillet with Egg Sauce ( Dalag Fillet ) – Marinated mudfish fillet and fried until crispy with egg sauce mixture.

Adobong Hito – stewed catfish in native vinegar and spices.

Butterflied Catfish – fried filleted catfish served with mustard vinaigrette.

Hito sa Miso – stewed catfish in miso (soy bean paste).

Nilubihan na Kasili sa Dilaw – fresh water eels cooked in coconut milk with turmeric and chili.

Pesang Dalag – stewed mudfish with cabbage and petsay with miso sauce.

Burong Dalag ( Fermented Mudfish ) – fermented mudfish with cooked rice and herb then sauted when ready to serve.

Dalag with Bamboo Shoots and Young Corn – Stewed mudfish with bamboo shoots, grated young corn, patola and spices.

Pocherong Dalag – Stewed mudfish with tomato sauce, saba,sweet potatoes and cabbage.

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