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Breaded Beef Steak

breaded beef steak

Pork  is commonly breaded then fried and the most popular one is pork chop. Here in this recipe, beef tenderloin is used. Beef should not be overcooked because it will become tough and as much as possible cook it as quickly as possible but now too raw.

Beef Steak Strips in Spicy Tomato Sauce

Beef Steak Strips Tomato Sauce

You can use pork steak instead of beef if there is none available. Also, beef is tougher than pork so it will depend on you which meat you want to cook in this dish.

Beef Steak A La Crema

Ingredients: 250ml- Nestle all Purpose Cream 1/2 kg beef sirloin, thinly sliced 8 gram Maggi magic sarap (8 grams sachet) 2 tbsp. Maggi savor, calamansi flavor 1/4 cup cooking oil 1 pc medium onion since into rings

Bistek Recipe (Filipino Beef Steak)


This is a Filipino style beef steak. If you have search the net and can’t find a Pinoy beek steak, try this one!

Beef Liver Steaks with Onion Rings (Guisadong Atay ng Baka)

Beef Liver Steaks Onion Ringss

This beef liver steaks is a very simple dish, marinating the liver in soy sauce and calamansi then fry it. Marinating the livers reduce the musky odor so it will be more pleasant to eat. This is the reason why not everyone is so fond of eating livers specially the kids because it also have […]